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When you get quiet and submit yourself to the One who created you, great things happen.

Renee Davis’ passion for service to women, has been a driving force in her life. Born the ​1st of five daughters in The Bronx, New York, Davis’ focus on women began after experiencing a tragic event that altered the trajectory of her life, and her vision for service. She saw that the face of homelessness was changing and sought to help by opening a 90-day emergency shelter for women with children, through a collaboration with the Task Force for the Homeless and the Gateway Service Center in Atlanta. 

Realizing that the problem was greater than she could put a dent in, she closed the doors and began working closely with the City of Atlanta, United Way, FEMA, the Tri-Jurisdictional Collaboration on Homelessness, and the Gateway Service Center, by sitting on various boards and funding committees. By becoming active in this way, Renee was able to help allocate millions of dollars of federal funding to help provider agencies service homeless families in the Metro Atlanta area.

During this time, Renee was asked to be in a fashion show, which was the beginning of her modeling career at the age of 40. Davis has worked as a runway, and commercial print model in various product ads and publications including Essence magazine.  Davis has also been in TV commercials such as Pantene Gold Series, the American Cancer Society, Sparkle Paper Towels, and others, and was posted in the light bulb aisle at Lowe's for many years until recently.

Despite this newfound love of modeling Davis faced another obstacle when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As the daughter of a three-time breast cancer survivor, Renee knew the importance of early diagnosis. After a lumpectomy and radiation treatment, Renee went on to partner with the Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Center as a Community Outreach Coordinator at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA to help educate the underserved and uninsured minority community who are at higher risk for breast cancer deaths.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Renee was recently released from her flight attendant position; yet still models and does voiceover work. She is working on her online businesses, developing her speaking and coaching business, and has started writing one of several books.

In addition to her love of service and entrepreneurship, Davis enjoys watching classic movies, reading, biking, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Ron.  Married with 5 daughters, one of which resides in Heaven; she and her husband have 8 grandchildren.

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