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Hello, thank you for taking the time to learn more about my ventures! Below is a short read which details some events of my life.

Who would have known a little girl from the projects in the Bronx, insecure about her tall, slender body would one day be a successful runway and print model -- and even grace the pages of Essence magazine? There were many other challenges met and overcome by Renee Davis that
continue to be an inspiration to young and seasoned women today. Renee Davis met and overcame many challenges, and she continues to be an inspiration.
The quote, “Most people are only one paycheck away from homelessness,” became reality for Renee. A college graduate and corporate professional she found herself without work for such an extended period that she became what is termed as the “invisible homeless” in Atlanta. Evicted from her home, she and her young daughter slept on couches, in extended-stay motels and in the basements of her friends’ homes. Renee would rise before dawn to toss newspapers at the doors of beautiful houses, deliver phone books, and worked temp assignments while awaiting more permanent jobs to surface. When her car broke down beyond repair, Renee rode the city bus long distances to social services centers to provide for her child.
In retrospect all these experiences prepared Renee for her future. She saw first-hand how homeless women with children were denigrated and vilified within the system.
Renee fought hard to get ‘back on her feet.’ And once she did, used her past to fuel her passion: service to women and children. Partnering with the Task Force for the Homeless and the Gateway Service Center in Atlanta, Renee created and ran a 90-day emergency shelter for homeless women and their children.


In addition to this effort to heal homelessness, Renee sat on various boards and collaborated with the City of Atlanta, United Way, FEMA, and the Tri- Jurisdictional Collaboration on Homelessness allocating millions of dollars in federal funding to help provider agencies service homeless families in the Metro Atlanta area.

Statuesque, over the age of forty, abundant salt-and-pepper hair and chic style, Renee was spotted by an Atlanta fashion show producer, B. J. Arnett, and asked to participate in a local fashion show. She had the perfect ‘look’ to showcase designer fashions. From this launch, Renee Davis has not only walked over 100 runways throughout the country, but she is also a print and television commercial model for sponsors Pantene Gold Series, the American Cancer Society, Sparkle Paper Towels, Lowes Home Improvement retails stores, various department stores and many others.
Amid these highs, Renee was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through surgery, radiation therapy and her strong determination, Renee victoriously confesses, she is a cancer survivor! Never forgetting her struggles, she went on to partner with the Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Center as a Community Outreach Coordinator. Her service there was to educate the underserved and uninsured minority community; the segment of our population who are at higher risk for breast cancer deaths.
Between modeling and acting gigs, Renee’s continued passion for service grew to include commercial airlines. She is also a flight attendant. Today, Renee is happily married, lives in Charlotte, NC., has an online business, and is writing a book. She and husband, Ron have five adult children, one of whom has sadly passed away, and eight grandchildren. Renee loves to read, travel, bike-ride and watch classic black-and-white movies.
Renee Davis’ myriad experiences have made her a legacy woman. Her life has been, and continues to be full. Renee is quick to share that hard times come to everyone, and if we don’t give up, each experience will be used to make us strong, and groom us for purpose.

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